Welcome Alvernia Province, Irinjalakuda


On 22 June 1978 His Holiness Pope Paul VI, by the Bull "Trichuriensia Eparchiae", bifurcated the Diocese of Thrissur and the Diocese of Irinjalakuda was formed. Consequent to the division of the Diocese, Assisi Province Thrissur was also subjected to division to facilitate better administration excluding the mission centers, was divided into three. Thus Alvernia Province Irinjalakuda established on 4 October 1979 with 382 members and 21 houses. Sr. Stella was appointed as the first Provincial. The formal declaration was made only 2 February 1980 during the General Chapter held at Portiuncula, Aluva. In the Mission area new houses were started. Thus our Province had a rapid growth St. Paul's region Vidhisha was established on 7 June 1987. The region was raised to a Vice Province on 15 December 1994. On 4 December 1997 the official Declaration of the Province was made by the Superior General Rev. Mother. Marianna.

Alvernia province had a fast and steady growth in number and all the areas of its apostolate. As per the needs of the time, the  province took courageous steps to enter into the special ministries to proclaim the good news  to all the strata of the society   in different parts of the world. Our sisters are working in schools, hospitals, social centres, hospice and old age homes,  sharing God’s unconditional love lavished upon humanity  through Christ Jesus.

Inspired by the missionary spirit of St.Francis,  sisters of Alvernia province set out  to  various countries like Rome, Germany, Kenya, Rwanda and to different parts of country India, such as Chennai and Silchar to spread the message of the kingdom of God. 

The  Kenya Mission of Alvernia province was raised to the status of  a region named ‘ Santa Maria Region’ on 30 May 2019 under the direction of our superior General, Mother Ann Joseph. Santa Maria Region, the first region of  Alvernia Province outside India consists of 42 sisters including 21 Kenyan sisters. St.Padre Pio FC convent is started in Kenya on 1 July 2019 as per the request of Bishop of Muranga  to serve  in the Gaichanjiru mission Hospital run by the diocese.  The blessing of Santa Maria Regional House in Machakos diocese, Kenya, on 31 August 2020, is a remarkable milestone in the history of Santa Maria region. Santa Chiara convent  in Perugia, Italy started on 8 January 2020 with the purpose of  caring the  orphans, which is our  charism entrusted  by Bishop Charles Lavigne.

Irinjalakuda  diocese has  undertaken Silchar Mission and Bishop Pauly Kannokadan invited our sisters to start a new convent  and requested our service in Silchar Mission. The territory of Silchar Mission includes the selected areas of 3 states- Tripura, Assam and Mizoram and   St.Theresa’s  convent was started in Silchar Mission on 8 September 2020. We started a new mission in Rwanda. The blessing of new convent, Rani Maria FC Convent, Rwanda was on 18th  February 2023.

At present Alvernia province, Irinjalakuda has  549 sisters in 52 houses of which 37 in Kerala, three in Chennai, Seven convents in Kenya, One in Germany, one in Rome, one in Perugia, one in Silchar and one in Rwanda. Jeevodaya Hospice for advanced cancer patients at Mathur, Chennai stands as a unique achievement in the history of Alvernia province, witnessing and  living the real Franciscan spirit. As a milestone in the expression of Jeevodaya Diagnostic centre was blessed at Nemallur on 15th August 2016. Jeevodaya Geriatric Hospice , a new venture, is blessed and inaugurated on 10th September 2023 at Chinnabommagikulam, Nemallur.