Santa Maria Region, Kenya

Following the centennial Celebrations of the Franciscan Clarist Congregation, in 1989, the authorities of Alvernia Province began the procedures for starting a new Mission in Kenya, Africa, which was known as the Dark Continent. The then Provincial, Rev. Sr.Libaratta conveyed our desire to start a new Mission of FCC in Kenya, to His. Excellency, Urbanus Kioko, the Bishop of Machakos Diocese in Kenya, through the CMI Fathers who were already working there. The Bishop gladly accepted the request. Thus the first FCC missionaries of Kenya, Rev. Sr. Jovitta, Rev. Sr. Cajetan, Rev. Sr. Mary Thomas and Rev. Sr. Vinaya Bastian, with the permission and blessings of the then Superior General, Rev. Sr. Celarina, reached Kenya on 12th of November 1989 and initiate the mission service at Mbiuni, a parish of the Machakos Diocese.

In the beginning, two sisters were working in the Government and Management Schools in education ministry. Afterwards our sisters started serving in the Schools run by CMI fathers. Later on, in 1998 we could start our first primary School there -San Damiano Boarding Primary School. At present we have San Damiano Boarding Primary School at Donyo Sabuk (1998); Laverna Day & Boarding Primary School at Donyo Sabuk (2004); Ave Maria Boarding Primary School at Mutiti Andei (2007); Divine Mercy Nursery School at Kiongwani (2011) and San Damiano Girls higher Secondary School at Donyo Sabuk (2017). With the help and support of the Bishop of the Diocese and of Rev. Fr. Jose Kallely CMI, our Kenya Mission has prospered rapidly. In 2005 we have started ‘Laverna Old Age Home’ for the orphaned and poor old women. The Divine Mercy Dispensary which was started in 2011is a big support for the poor people of this area. Along with the other students, San Damiano Vocational Training Centre which was started in 1998 is giving opportunity to the Students of the ‘Peace Home’ - a Centre for the Physically Disabled Students – for getting trained in different vocations. Most of the Students of the Laverna Day & Boarding Primary School which was started in 2005 are orphans. In order to give them accommodation, we are running an orphanage adjacent to this school. Every year we are able to accommodate more than 250 students in this Institution. We can see that a lot of poor Students (1105) who studied in this School are working on different ranks and grades around the country.

Two of our Sisters are serving in the Rehabilitation Centre – a Centre for the mentally and physically disabled children-owned by the CMI Fathers. The most important achievement of the Kenyan Mission is the vocation of the Sisters from the land of Kenya. Rev. Sr. Felister, Rev. Sr. Helen and Rev. Sr. Jacinta who did their First Profession in 2003 are the first batch of Sisters from Kenya. At present 15 Kenyan Sisters and 10 Candidates are serving in Santa Maria Region as the members of the Province. As per the decision of the Provincial Synaxsis of 2018, our Kenya Mission was elevated as a Region, namely ‘Santa Maria Region’ on 30th May 2019. At present 42 members including 34 senior sisters and 8 junior sisters in 7 houses are guiding many people into the true faith through their remarkable services. New Mission in Rwanda Started in 18.03.2023 in Kigali Arch Diocese, Ruwanda. New convent is  blessed and named as Rani Maria Convent, Rwanda with 4 sisters.

    Address of all the communities



Date of Established

Phone No.



Catholic Mission, P.O.Box 29

Mbiuni, Machakos, Kenya, Africa


00254 . 734614867, 735990216


San Damiano F.C.Convent,

Donyo Sabuk, P.O. BOX 116

Thika Machakos, Kenya



00254 . 734848038



Laverna F.C.Convent

P.O. Box 116,

Donyo Sabuk, Thika, Machakos, Kenya, Africa







Ave Maria Convent

Mtiti Andei, Kenya

P.O. Box – 65,

Mombassa Lane,Africa


00254 . 737462016




Divine Mercy F C Convent

Kiongwani P.O.Box.252

Sultan  Hamud, Kenya





St.Padre Pio F.C.Convent

Mission Hospital

Gaichanjiru Parish

Murang’a Diocese





Santa Maria Regional House,

Drum Vate, Mavoko,

Block No.12/153, Kamulu, Kenya





Rwanda Mission

            As the answer to the call of Lord to spread Gospel message, Alvernia Province started Rwanda Mission on 18.02.2023. Aconvent namely Rani Maria FC Convent is blessed. Pioneers of Rwanda Mission-Sr.Therese Mary, Rev.Mt.Mello, Sr.Joviet and Sr.Christeena serve the children of God in Rwanda along with Vincentian Fathers of Angamaly Province, Kerala.



Address of all the communities



Date of Established

Remarks and Phone No.


Rani Maria F.C.Convent,

Cyeru, Kanzenze, Ntamara, Bugesera- Rwanda


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