St.Gianna Mission, Chennai

          The Provincial Chapter of 1989 took the decision to undertake services according to our Charism in Chennai Mission started by the Diocese of Irinjalakuda. Aiming at the growth and development of the Syro Malabar Church, on 30th April 1990 our first House in Chennai started at Mathavaram, in the Village of Mathur. The Chennai Mission which was known as ‘Madras Mission’ from 1995 onwards, has received the new name - ‘St.Gianna Mission, Chennai’ at the end of the year (14.12.2020). St. Gianna was a virtuous soul who considered the life of her unborn child in her womb more valuable than her own life. For this cause, even when she was in the clutches of cancer, she sacrificed her life for the child. The gem of this Mission which holds the name of St. Gianna is ‘Jeevodaya Cancer Hospice’. It was instituted on 18th of March 1995 to bestow tender love and care for the advanced terminally ill cancer patients. Today this Institution is well-known, not only in India but all over the world for its selfless and magnificent services. Since 2016 an Extension Unit of Jeevodaya -‘Aashirvad Diagnostic Centre and Clinic’, has started functioning adjacent to Aashirvad Bhavan, Nemallur. A new venture is started next to door of Ashirvad Bhavan namely Jeevodaya Geriatric Hospice with  50 beds on 10th September 2023.

             Thus Jeevodaya is serving as a platform where true Franciscan Spirit is lived and witnessed among the people by its valuable services. Already around 8000 cancer patients were attended in this institution by this time. In addition to this, our sisters are working in the institutions of the Diocese too. By giving the loving and caring services to many people, our sisters are becoming the fragrance of Jesus here. The sisters of the Nirmal Bhavan Convent at Mugapair which was started in 1995 try to give all the spiritual and mental care to the residents of the Ladies Hostel which is adjacent to this convent.

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