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Welfare of the Poor- Social Services 

Working of the welfare of the poor is one of the important missionary activities of the Congregation. Following the example of Jesus, St. Francis was willing to serve the poor and the lepers and to be considered as one among them. When our first members approached Bishop Levinge to disclose their long cherished desire to start a Franciscan Congregation, he asked them'can you look after the poor? Can you rear the orphans?'They, who were already accustomed to such charities, readily expressed their willingness to take up the work. 

Care of the poor is the patrimony bequeathed to us by our founders. The seed of FCC started to grow in the fertile soil of Chenganachery. As the mustard seed, it was grown into a big tree and now it is branches spread all over the world. The first off school of this tree was the undivided Assisi Province, Thrissur, which started on 26th July 1910. As the Thrissur Diocese is bifurcated into Irinjalakuda Palakkad Diocese, FCC Congregation in Irinjalakuda diocese emerged as Alvernia Province in 1979. Alvernia Province has taken efforts to start the ministries for the welfare of the poor according to the need of the time. 

St. Francis Assisi orphanage was the first orphanage started in Karuvannur in 1935 for the poor children. Later, home for the physically handicapped, old age homes and Hospices were also started as per the needs of the people. By running these institutions, we try to become the intimate friends of the poor. We believe that the joys and hopes, the grieves and the activities for the welfare of the poor. 

Mile Stones in the welfare of the poor: 


1. 1935- St. Francis Assisi, Orphanage Karuvannur 

2. 1962- Sartho Sadan, Karanchira 

3. 1976- Sanjoe Bhavan, Kuzhikattukonam 

4. 1979- Deepthi Bhavan, Karanchira(Closed on 213) 

5. 1980- Cherupushpabhavan, Poyya 

6. 1981- Vimal Home, South Thanissery 

7. 1982- Assisi Orphanage, Karuvannur (Central Scheme) (Closed on 2013) 

8. 2009- Kripa Nilayam, Thuruthiparambu(Free Boarding) 

Other Social Services 

Social apostolate is the continuation of the ministry of Jesus, reaching out to the poor and marginalized. We, the FCC sisters foster relationship with the church and the world at large and study the up to date developments in the same. Human race must become one family of God. Like members of one family, we must serve each other, string for the welfare of the society. Realizing the needs of the times, we engage ourselves in social service, working for the good of the whole world. We keep justice by giving proper wages to the employees working in our convents and institutions. We try to co-operate with the efforts, which the church, government and Christian and non Christian associations make to eradicate poverty, ignorance, sickness, unemployment etc. and to form a better life situation. According to the decision of the provincial Synaxis every house set apart a certain percentage of its income for social service.

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