Healing Ministry

Human life becomes a joyful experience and constant celebration, when life style becomes 'sharing in the fullness of life'. When our Lord Jesus Christ was in this world, He healed many people of their physical and mental diseases. The healing ministry of Jesus continues with the help of those who are engaged in the care of the sick. We believe that from the moment of conception, the life of every human being is to be respected in our absolute way. God alone is the Lord of life from its beginning until its'natural end.

Today, health care has become the luxury of the rich and the poor has generally been sidelined. The sublime example of our Father, St. Francis, who embraced and served even the lepers, the outcasts of the society, is our model in serving the sick. With sincere expression of compassion, care and charity, we try to bring new sense of hope and serenity to the sick. We aspire to mould competent nurses armed with caring attitude, academic excellence, social sensitivity and spiritual sublimity. 

We have three hosptals and one clinic

1.Bishop Alappat Mission Hospital

2.Dhanya Mission Hospital

3.Jeevodaya Hospice for Cancer patients

4.Ashirvad Bhavan Clinic

Our sisters are also working in other institutions -

1. Marthoma Hospital Azhikode

2. Amala Medical College Hospital Thrissur

3.St. James Hospital Chalakudy

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